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12600 + 18GST(Software Cost)

2000 + 18 GST ( Training & Implementation )

Counter Special Attraction

Arrow   Financial Account with IT-ST-Auditors Reports
Arrow   State/Country wise Sales Tax Reports & Registers
Arrow   State/Country wise VAT & E-Returns
Arrow   Operator wise Powers & Boundations
Arrow   Multi Location Inventory Management
Arrow   TDS / Excise / Service Tax
Arrow   Self-designed Invoice & other Formats
Arrow   Sales & Purchase Order Management
Arrow   Challan & Counter Sales
Arrow   Post Dated Cheque Management with Bank Paying Slip
Arrow   Direct E-Mail & SMS Facility
Arrow   1000+ Sale, Purchase, MIS & Gross Profits Analysis
Arrow   Self-definable Currency Symbols
Arrow   Provision to show bill value in 5 Currency self, Dollar, Pond Euro, Rubbles
Arrow   Multi Store with Separate store for Breakage/Expiry/Waste
Arrow   Manufacturing (BOM) on Issue/Receipt, Direct Receipt, Reverse & Lot Bases
Arrow   Zoom-In-Zoom-Out (Eagle View)
Arrow   Photo/Logo provisions to make your printouts attractive
Arrow   1500+ Setups to customised Counter on customer site
Arrow   Softcopy of bill direct Email to party
Arrow   Purchase Import from Excel, DBF, Csv, Txt files (No need to feed manual purchase)
Arrow   Self-designed Item / batch / size wise BARCODE
Arrow   Pdf, Word, Excel, Html, Rtf, Dot matrix View & Print
Arrow   Separate pre-defined Ports/Printers for Bills & Reports
Arrow   18 self-defined Hot keys & My Menu with unlimited keys
Arrow   100’s of utilities like multi edit to make your business smooth
Arrow   7 Different type of Accounting Voucher Entry System
Arrow   18+ type of Inventory Entry System
Arrow   Fund/Bank/Budget Planning, Targets & CMS/Purchase Cheque
Arrow   Screen Saver with operator password
Arrow   Internet support on single click (Inbuilt Support Link)
Arrow   Inbuilt chatting system to give message to users

Sales Bill Attraction
Arrow   Provision for Barcode Billing & Printing
Arrow   Item Search on Name, Code, Barcode, Fast Search Code, etc
Arrow   Provision for Item Photo printing on bill
Arrow   Light Fluctuation Security (Unsaved bills can be loaded)
Arrow   Estimate Provision with advance provision
Arrow   Multi Bills on Single Computer for multi customer handing
Arrow   Multi firm Billing (All items selected in single bill and auto save in respective       firms)
Arrow   Provision for Sold but not billed & Billed but not sold
Arrow   Hot keys to feed Purchase, Other Entry or Modify/Print Bills
Arrow   Provision to load items from other bill
Arrow   Provision to load items from other company bill
Arrow   Import & Export Data from Branch/Head Office
Arrow   Ctrl+O option for Export/Import Bills Items
Arrow   Credit / Cash / Credit Card / Cash + Credit Card provision
Arrow   Party wise credit/cash provision
Arrow   Cash bills/parties separate ledger & outstanding provision
Arrow   Ledger & Outstanding for Cash Sale & Stock Add/Less
Arrow   Cash / Card / Cheque Receipt & Advance Cheque provision in Bill
Arrow   3 Provisions of add/less in bill for Freight, Packing, Others
Arrow   Credit/Debit Note adjustment provision in bill
Arrow   Cancelation, Amendment with amended items statement
Arrow   Cashier/Checker System
Arrow   Provision for Direct Email Bill to Party & Field Staff
Arrow   Provision for Direct SMS Bill Detail to Party & Field Staff
Arrow   Prohibited Party/Item provision (Transaction allowed only to selected users)
Arrow   Loss & Margin Loss Indication
Arrow   Hide Party/Item provision (Show only to selected users)
Arrow   Stop Billing provision for Company/Item/Party wise Item
Arrow   Challan Selection : Selective/All Items/Partial Quantity
Arrow   Order Selection: Selective/All Items. Balance order shift in Shortage, Delete, Pending
Arrow   Country Entry : Selective/All Items
Arrow   Party History Dashboard on Party Selection 
Arrow   Eg. Ledger Balance, Overdue, Outstanding Bills, Credit Limit, Last Bill History,
Arrow   Last Payment Detail, PDC Pending, Annual & Monthly Sales and Return %, Address
Arrow   Rate, Scheme & discount ask only on right key and skip on enter for very fast billing
Arrow   Print Batch provision for less from other batch and print other batch (Party wise)
Arrow   Default/Separate bill remark eg. “Happy New Year”
Arrow   Auto split of bills on Company, Tax Type, MRP/Sale Tax, etc bases 
Arrow   Physical stock verification based on Company, Category, Group, Manufacture, Rack, Batch, Expiry etc
Barcode Management

Arrow   Barcode Searching on Item, Batch/Size/MRP/etc
Arrow   Show item list with Barcode No. provision
Arrow   Item Searching on Name for Barcode Missing on +key
Arrow   Print only self-defined barcode for un-barcoded items 
Arrow   Barcode printing on Lesser, Deskjet & Other Barcode Printers 
Arrow   Self-defined Barcode Printing Format
Arrow   GS1, Serial, Shuffle Barcode creation system inbuilt

Challan Management

Arrow   Challan Loading Automatically / Selected on Upto Amount, Upto Date, All
Arrow   Monthly / Weakly challan to Single / Separate Bill conversion provision 
Arrow   Selected Items with partial quantity loading provision
Arrow   Delete / Maintain Challan record after loading provision
Arrow   Challan Items go in challan at the time of bill deletion 
Arrow   Stock updation on the bases of Bill / Challan Date
Arrow   Load parties challan in cash invoice provision
Arrow   Multi challan loading and provision of split on the bases of Company, Tax type, MRP Tax etc 
Arrow   Bills not allowed w/o challan provision
Arrow   Bills not allowed w/o pass/check of challan provision
Arrow   Only show sales man pending challan of selected party for loading provision
Arrow   Party wise challan allowed
Arrow   Challan print in feeded order or index on item, company, Rack, etc
Arrow   Challan items can be printed underlined or with defined sign in bill printing
Arrow   Challan No. & Date can be print as a heading
Arrow   You can define maximum Challan limit in Value & No.
Arrow   You can define maximum items in a bill (Default/Party wise)
Arrow   Operator wise Challan allowed provision
Arrow   Operator wise challan modification allowed Upto date provision

Purchase Import

Arrow   No need to feed manual Purchase
Arrow   Counter Users can Import / Export Invoices
Arrow   One time mapping with very advance system
Arrow   Auto prompt for unmapped items
Arrow   Provision to hold Import Bill 
Arrow   Provision to un-hold bill on single key
Arrow   Import from CSV, Excel, DBF, etc format (Other Software)

        1) Self-defined import methods from CSV, Excel, DBF, etc
        2) Item Mapping on Name, Barcode, Item code, Universal Code, etc
        3) Import methods can be Import/Export
        4) Method creation with From Line, Date Format, Starting & Ending String                   

Purchase Attraction

Arrow   Purchase Order & Indent provision
Arrow   Purchase Order Loading Full / Item Wise / Partial Quantity 
Arrow   Supplier wise separate calculations for different type of bills
Arrow   Entry No. provision for Purchase Bills
Arrow   Item entered marked as unchecked and show authorised person       for check
Arrow   Pick Rates, Discount & Deal from any last, party last provision
Arrow   Last 4 deals for Rate, Discount, Deals & Cost comparisons
Arrow   Testing required after purchase provision
Arrow   Purchase Type wise Sales Boundations provision
Arrow   Provision to save Purchase Item remark for print in sale
Arrow   All / One by one Size/Batch purchase feeding
Arrow   Purchase Return, Brk/Exp return, Replacement, Price Difference       provision in bill
Arrow   Batch, MRP, Excise, SC, Free, Mfd, Exp, Barcode, Manufacturer,       Packing provision
Arrow   2 Item Discount in %, 2 Volume Discounts, 4 Bill Discounts, 3       Add/Less, Cash Payment
Arrow   Old & New Cost & Margins, Cost w/o deal & Margin, Sales MRP %,
        1) Purchase MRP % for comparisons
Arrow   Rates & Scheme can be defined at the time of purchase on MRP, Cost+Margin,
        1) Purchase Discount, Self-defined, etc bases
Arrow   Cost on the bases of Last Purchase / Average Bases
Arrow   Approx. Rate / Auto Rate change provision
Arrow   Margins on the bases of Sales 
Arrow   Checking provision for re-check batch rates, scheme
Arrow   Input Tax Credit changeable if calculation not matched
Arrow   Self-defined Goods Receipt Note printing
Arrow   Self-defined Label Printing
Arrow   Barcode creation & Self-defined Barcode Printing

Order Management

Arrow   Purchase & Sales order management
Arrow   Reorder System on the bases of Sales, Stock-Sales Order,Minimum Level, Todays Sales, etc
Arrow   Show last 4 deals of purchase in reorder system / order feeding
Arrow   Provision to split order in parts
Arrow   Provision to issue order in Pcs / Box
Arrow   Auto purchase ordering on the bases of Best Supplier       (Discount/Cost)
Arrow   Provision to decide best supplier on the bases of last ??? deals
Arrow   Show old pending orders of item at the time of ordering
Arrow   Provision to show last deals of Sale/Purchase or Order
Arrow   Item/Order wise delivery date, terms & instructions
Arrow   Selected Parties/Items wise pending order list
Arrow   Order Analysis on Sales Order, Purchase Order & Current Stock
Arrow   Provision to load pending orders in bill modification
Arrow   Provision to Less orders only from Selected Order or Fifo
Arrow   Provision to collect cash/cheque and post in accounts
Arrow   Provision to import orders from net (Customised)
Arrow   Online Shortage System with Supplier/Company wise reports
Arrow   Loading provision : Company wise / Selected Orders with selected items
Arrow   Can be loaded Partial Quantity
Arrow   Sign for unchecked loaded items from order
Arrow   Purchase/Sale orders can be created online at the time of billing
Arrow   Provision to update orders on Bill Edit/Delete
Arrow   Provision to pick rates, deals, discounts from order or normal
Arrow   Provision to show supplier companies others on F9 key
Arrow   Provision to control order on Batch / MRP / Size wise
Arrow   Store wise sales order provision 
Arrow   Balance order Delete & Pending provision on sales 
Arrow   Balance order Delete, Pending, Shift in Shortage provision on purchase
Arrow   Provision for order quantity less on Qty or Qty + Free
Arrow   Default Quantity provision on * key (Online Ordering)
Arrow   Self-defined printing formats & orders in softcopy
Arrow   Provision to print pending orders on party bills

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