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12600 + 18 GST ( Software Cost)

2000 + 18 GST ( Training & Implementation )

The Software for Chartered Accountants/Accounting Professionals

Special Prices for CA’s

For CAs, We are offering the gold version of ERP software.

Internal Audit

Solution for CA has a very strong option of “Internal Audit”. Internal Audit checks all the GST Return errors there is a validation tool inside MargERP 9+ which will show all the errors in the entries made. Internal Audit plays an important role in minimising the risk by indicating all the errors that exists in the invoices. The main aim of Internal Audit is to verify the correctness of information provided and to assess the compliance with GST.

Data Synchronization

Get rid of visiting your customers just to collect data. The synchronization feature in Management Software ERP allows automatic update of customer data in your system. The data gets synchronized automatically whenever internet connection is available. If the customer has multiple branches then the data can be synchronized from branch to head office or head office to branch.

Unchecked Voucher-Increased accuracy and tracking of mistakes

The software has a built in feature by which you can check voucher & billing entries recorded by your junior/subordinate. Entries done by your executive will remain in a separate register until & unless you’ll approve them to effect main accounts.


Data Import & Export from other softwares

Management Software has this unique feature to import data from other softwares into Marg ERP. We also have features to export data for other softwares from Marg ERP. The main objective of this option is to make operations hassle free for accountants. They can now easily work on Marg ERP whereas their customers can use any other software.